Shaving After Spray Tan: Is it a Good Idea?

Spray tanning is considered a delicate process. However, the entire process is somehow quick, simple and there are fewer things that can go wrong. Nevertheless, there are definite aspects of sunless tanning that one should consider and pay keen attention to.

But then again, can you shave after a spray tan procedure?

Certainly, this is a very common question that is asked in the field of spray tanning and the answer is YES. One can shave both after and before your sessions but there are specific rules that one should follow.

Tips on Shaving before Your Spray Tan

It is highly recommended that you should have a whole day before the spray tanning session. This way your skin will be in a position to exfoliate and allow the tanner to settle well. Waxing and shaving does provide a smooth skin for the spray tanning specialist to work with. This means that your tan will turn out to be of better quality since an exfoliated skin does not have any dry patches which mostly lead to uneven spray tanning results.

Guidelines to Follow On Shaving before Your Spray Tanning Process.

1. A Tip for Women With Dark Hair

Women with tremendously coarse hair are advised to shave at least a night before the actual appointment date. This way your pores will have a chance of closing up before the session.

If by any chance your pores open during the applying of the tanner, the solution will not be able to settle down in the pores of your skin which mostly leads to the formation of the polka dots.

2. A Tip For Women With Light Hair

Ladies with fair hair should not worry a lot about shaving since they can do so on the actual day of the spray tanning appointment.

Tips on Shaving after the Spray Tan

Tips on Shaving after the Spray Tan Appointment

There are few guidelines on how to undergo this correctly:

1. Avoid Using Shaving Foam

Shaving foams and other similar shaving products do have ingredients such as heavy detergents and alcohol that can end up damaging your sunless tan.

If you feel it is necessary to use something that will act as a shaving foam, you could try using a shower gel or conditioner but ensure it does not contain sulfate. You can also use shaving lotions that are specifically designed for sunless tanning.

2. Use a New Razor

There are few chances of recalling how many times you used your razor and how old it is. This means that it might drag on your skin leading to cases whereby your tanner gets removed. Ensure you get a new one that will smoothly glide over your skin without taking the spray tan with it.

3. Shave Lightly

Avoid pressing your razor too hard while shaving. Otherwise, the razor might end up scraping off the tanning solution.

4. Do Not Shave Too Frequently

If possible, avoid shaving on a daily basis because the more one shaves the faster the spraying tan fades out.

Author: Kimberly Clarke

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