India Pavilion : Session on Technology aspects of Climate Change and Valedictory Function


















Time : 3 PM to 5 PM, Date : Dec 11, 2015


Dr Prabhat Ranjan welcomed the speakers and audience on behalf of TIFAC. He said how climate change has effected us since time immemorial, however in recent year man made changes have been impacting us in a major way and technology holds secret to help us out of this situation.

Dr Gautam Goswami mentioned drivers for energy demand for next 20 years and invited Dr Ajit Kolar from IIT Madras. Dr Kolar highlighted India's need for Advanced Coal Technology(ACT) and emphasized that India can not ignore Coal for next few decades. However ACT would allow to cut down on emissions and reduce dependence on imported coal through judicious mix of all energy resources and technologies. Dr Vaibhav Chaturvedi, CEEW talked about other energy sources needed for India including solar, nuclear and hydroelectric power. This was followed by Dr Sanjay, IITM Pune talking about various modeling efforts to understand climate change pattern.


There was a panel discussion to discuss issues of global technology partnership and transfer related to climate change. The panelists were Dr Arunabha Ghosh(CEEW), Dr Yves Lapierre (CEO, INPI, France), Dr Ajit Kolar and Dr Sanjay. Panel was moderated by Dr Goswami. Issues related to International transfer of technology and IPR were highlighted. It was mentioned that several successful models of technology partnership exist. This was followed by an interesting question and answer session.


The sessions at India pavilion ended with a valedictory where Hon'ble Minister of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change(MOEFCC) Mr Prakash Javedkar was present along with Secretary, MOEFCC, Mr Ashok Lavasa, Secretary, External Relations, Ms Sujata Mehta , Indian Ambassador to France , Dr Mohan Kumar, Additional Secretary Shri Susheel Kumar and Joint Secretary Sanjiv Kumar. Shri Prakash Javdekar Hon'ble Minister appreciated the activities  of the Pavilion in showcasing  India's  initiatives on combating climate change setting a high benchmark for the future. Shri Ashok Lavasa, Secretary appreciated the wholehearted participation of all the stakeholders. Shri Susheel Kumar Additional Secretary thanked all who directly or indirectly helped in the grand success of the Pavilion.


Mr Sanjiv Kumar summarized the sessions and mentioned that there were 25 sessions, 150 speakers/panelists, 130 presentations,  1300 participants, 80 Films screened, 13 book/reports/CDs/Films/Brochures released. Pavilion saw nearly 6500 visitors from 65 different countries. Information shared in the form of 200 books/brochures/fliers and digital material. Indian Pavilion was center of attraction among visitors who made it a special points to get themselves photographed in front of it. It was also used as a backdrop by many media men from different countries.






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December 11 Valedictory, 2015


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