How to Protect Your Home From Hurricane?

Hurricanes are a natural hazard which can obliterate whole communities in a matter of hours. Their season starts in June and lasts typically to November. In order to stay prepared, we can offer you some tips on how to protect yourself and your home.


There are several phases during a hurricane season. You need to know how to act in all of them in order to keep yourself safe. You will want to know how to properly prepare for an approach of a hurricane, as well as, what to do during a hurricane. There are also safety measures for when the hurricane passes and how to go about staying safe.


Hurricanes are hazardous natural phenomena and pose threat to everyone’s well-being. They can devastate an area, take victims, destroy property, and flood an entire region easily.

Some of the winds can be so forceful they can destroy entire buildings and homes. The winds can fling object very easily and thus increase danger for everyone.

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Hurricanes have caused a lot of deaths in areas in which they are prominent. It is familiar that they have obliterated entire communities in the past and this can easily happen in the future as well. The floods caused by hurricanes can cause irreversible damage and last for long periods of time. They sometimes make it impossible for a previously populated area to recover or reconstruct. Though the hurricane directly affects the coastal area, the consequences of the damage and floods can go very far inland.

Methods of Protection

One of the best scientific methods developed to fight this natural hazard is impact glass. It is made from a strong laminated glass which can resist impact easily. This specific type of glass can be used to build hurricane proof windows or doors and help protect yourself and your home. It is layered and is typically built of two panes. The two panes are brought together by a middle layer making it extremely strong and resilient. The third layer is a glass pane which is there for insulation. This construction guarantees safety and impact resistance.

The Material

broken window glassThe glass itself helps resist heat and impact of strong wind and force. The glass is designed to help you protect your home from any outside activity and prevent any possible damage. The glass itself can be damaged but its effect is not reduced by it. The middle layer is the bond which makes the glass indestructible to outer influence.  Knowing what is protecting you helps you relax at crucial times.


Many people consider impact glass a good investment. Many are surprised at how the quality of the glass can exceed your expectations. As it does not have one purpose it gives you multiple benefits. Its main function is to have impact resistance during hurricanes but installing impact windows and doors can protect you from hurricanes, wind, impact, force, UV rays, even intruders. It is a great investment in your home and just a great safety measure in general.

Author: Kimberly Clarke

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